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Scm currently offers the most famous Italian and foreign brands in research and development, design and production of luxury and high-fashion clothing.

It follows and supports young stylists and tailoring companies.

Scm proudly deals with designing and creating exclusive garments for personalities involved in the Art and Business world.

The company has always endeavored to follow the customer with all his/her needs and take all the necessary measures to ensure the protection of the intellectual property and the copyright of its customers.

The reason why Pasqualina Rossetto opened her small tailor shop in September 1986

The passion of one woman has become in a very short time the adventure of a close-knit and enthusiast group of collaborators, who have allowed that small tailor shop to grow.

Lina and her team started over time to wonder what could have been important for their customers, what could have been their needs and how they could have met them. As a result, by analyzing their requests and by studying their needs, they figured out that Support was what a high-fashion company required. Support in every phase of development, from ideation to post-production service.

They professionally developed over the years, by specializing themselves in the creation of woman high-fashion clothes: deconstructed outerwear, top, shirts, suits, slacks and skirts, and by using different types of fabric: silk, chiffon, organza, velvet, technical textiles, tulle, gerogette, lace and embroidered fabrics.

Furthermore, with the advent of technology, their will to improve themselves allowed that small tailor shop to become a real industry able to better meet its customers’ needs, simultaneously keeping  values and beliefs of that time.

30 years of experience
Lina has always worked to provide security on the results, by giving importance to every single request of her customers right because she has always shared the goals with them.

Lina has always exclusively taken care of the product even at the expense of communication. This has proven a successful strategy, if one considers that this led them to cooperate with famous national and international fashion Brands.

Her experience, knowledge and tailoring tradition are currently put at the disposal of SCM SRL, the company founded by her husband.

Full service
From the creation of the card template by the CAD office to the delivery of the ultimate product.

Therefore, inheriting this know how, the company got to know both the problems that could arise during the processing steps and the already implemented and working solutions. This allowed to organize itself in order to offer a better support to its customers. Hence the idea to offer a full service, marketed and not, that allows the company to manage the creation of the collection, starting with the creation of the card template by the CAD office to the delivery of the ultimate product directly to the store, always in accordance with every customers’ needs and ensuring the desired quality.

The company is based in Salento, where the artisan and manufacturing tradition allowed to create and increase an important manufacturing cluster, ideal for planning and managing the production of different fashion products.

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